Countdown to Camp Ivey 2023
​July 16th - 21st

Camp Ivey is a one-week summer ​camp with a Biblical atmosphere ​ that truly changes lives.  Open QR code below or click on the link to complete registration.  
​Camper and Volunteers must complete the registration form.


Links below are provided if you wish to pay a registration fee or make a donation.

                (Please list camper's name in the "for " area provided if paying a registration fee)


Who can come?

  • Ages 10 to seniors in high school.
  • If you are a camp volunteer with younger children, they may come as well.
  • For the safety of all volunteers are required to pass a background check .

What is the cost?

  • The registration fee is $100.  (If you need assistance with registration costs please contact us)
  • You may also bring additional cash to use in canteen store for snacks, candy, and drinks. (Most items cost $1)
  • Money is also needed when we stop for lunch on the way home. (Our stop includes a McDonald's, Subway, and convenience store)

What to bring:

  • King James Bible only, pen and paper for taking notes 
  • Change of clothes for 5 days (clothes for activities) & (dress clothes for the chapel services) Proper swimming attire - Ball Glove -Dress shoes and tennis shoes
  • Towels and washcloths for the five days
  • Personal items---soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.
  • Pillow and sleeping bag -Pajamas and robe 
  • Only 2 pieces of luggage (no more) -- Make sure all luggage is tagged with your child's name and church’s name on it. -Canteen Money. Canteen is available each night (most items are $1.00)
  • Money for lunch on the way home Friday 

What not to bring:

  • No Cell Phones / Tablets / I- Pads or other electronic devices. (If a guardian needs to reach a camper, please call Pastor Nathan Knight, Camp Director at 770-876-0485) In case of emergency campers may contact their parents via their group counselor. 
  • No fire arms of any sort (BB guns Pelt guns and Paint ball guns) are permitted on the property. 
  • No knives, box cutters, or tools. 
  • No book or magazines other than the KJV Bible. 
  • No items planned to be used for pranks *We have learned through much experience*

Daily Schedule

  • We leave Welcome Hill Baptist Church at 2pm on Sunday afternoon July 16th . Once your church service is over, please make your way to WHBC - lunch is prepared for all campers. We return on Friday July 21st at approximately 5pm.
  • A typical day includes breakfast, devotion, morning competition, morning service, lunch, game time, dinner, evening service, and canteen/fellowship after service. Campers' testimonies are that the activities are amazing but what God does during the services are the highlights for the day.
  • Moring competitions including trivia, sword drills, minute-to-win-it games, name that tune etc. occur before each service. 

Dress Code for Boys

          •  Basketball Shorts for game time.

          •  Jeans and light-weight pants are allowed.

          •  No jogging or sweat pants will be allowed except in the dorms . Shorts and shirt required for swimming.

          •  No tank tops. T-shirts can be worn, but must not  advertise worldly advertisement, for example rock  music, alcohol, and movie stars, tobacco products, etc.

          •  In the evening services, please dress as you would for a Sunday morning church service. For morning services, a more casual outfit will be allowed.

          •  No earrings or necklaces are allowed. 

          •  Shoes, sandals, and/or tennis shoes, must be worn at all times. 

    Dress Code for Girls

      •  No pants, tank tops or halter tops are allowed.

      •  For game time ladies may wear loose-fit Basketball Shorts (knee length).

      All dresses and skirts must be knee length and modest. 

      •  No blouse or top will be allowed that is low cut. No tight-fitting clothes will be allowed.

      •  T-Shirts are allowed, but must not advertise worldly advertisement, for example rock music, alcohol, and movie stars, tobacco products, etc.

      •  In the evening services, girls please dress as you would for a Sunday morning church service; for morning services, a more casual dress will be allowed.

      •  Shoes, sandals, and/or tennis shoes, must be worn at all times. 

      A Christ like appearance is always required. The dress code is base on Biblical principle that are found in the Word of God. They are based on distinction and modesty. It is the desire of the camp to maintain a very wholesome, clean, and God honoring atmosphere and one that would not bring an kind of embarrassment to any camper and /or staff. Thanks you for your understanding and cooperation in the and all other areas of the camp. 

      Have any other questions or concerns?

      Send us a message

      Or you can certainly call us and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

      Camp Director: Nathan Knight 770-876-0485

      Board of Directors:

      Pastor Nathan Knight, Bro Mike Bell, Pastor Art Brady, Pastor Daniel Joiner, Pastor Nick Keller, Pastor T.J. Cochran, Pastor Ben Tanner