What we believe

The following comprise the Scriptural beliefs of this church and its members:

Concerning The Scriptures

We believe that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and was perfect in its original writing and is preserved and perfect in the 1611 King James Bible (both Old and New Testaments) and is the only Bible (for the English speaking people) that will ever be recognized or used in this church.

Concerning God

We believe that there is one, and only one true and living God, an infinite and intelligent Spirit, whose name is JEHOVAH. We believe that God is the creator of both the earth and its fullness. We believe that God created man in his likeness and is the giver and sustainer of life.


Concerning The Trinity

We believe that there is one, and only one true and living God, and HE is manifest in three distinct persons: GOD the FATHER: GOD the SON: and GOD the HOLY GHOST. These three are equal in authority and in full agreement.


Concerning Mankind

We believe that God created man in his likeness and in pure holiness but man through voluntary transgression sinned. We believe that the consequence of this sin is that all men are sinners.


Concerning Salvation

We believe that the salvation of sinners is by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ on Calvary. We believe that we are kept by grace and that salvation is the eternal gift of God.


Concerning Holy Spirit Conviction & Repentance

We believe that Holy Spirit conviction is necessary for a man to be saved. We believe that after Holy Spirit conviction, repentance from sin and toward God must follow for a man to be saved. Both Holy Spirit conviction and Repentance are works of God's grace in the life of the sinner.


Concerning Sanctification

We believe sanctification is both instantaneous and progressive. Upon a person being saved, that person instantly becomes a saint of God, and progressively through the work of the Holy Spirit that person is sanctified on a daily basis.

Concerning Pastors & Deacons

We believe that there are only two scriptural offices of the local church and they are the offices of pastor and deacon. We believe that only saved men who meet scriptural qualifications can fill the office of pastor or deacons.


Concerning the Ordinances of the Church

We believe that there are two ordinances of the church: [1] THE ORDINANCE OF BAPTISM. (Baptism shall be by immersion in water "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"). [2] THE ORDINANCE OF THE LORD'S SUPPER. (The Lord's Supper consists of unleavened bread and the pure fruit of the vine).


Concerning the Second Coming

We believe in the pre-millennial return of the Lord. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come for his saints in "the rapture" prior to the tribulation period; and that He will come with his saints in the "revelation" prior to the millennium. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will rule and reign for 1000 years upon his return to this earth.


Concerning Heaven & Hell

We believe in both a literal heaven and a literal hell. All born-again believers will go to heaven and all unsaved men will go to hell. Hell will ultimately be cast into the "lake of fire", according to the scriptures.


Concerning Missions & The Great Commission

We believe that one of the main purposes of the local church is to evangelize the world. We believe this is done both through home missions and foreign missions. It is the God-given responsibility of this church to "go into all the world and preach the gospel."


Concerning the Calvinistic Doctrine

We believe that Calvinistic doctrine is fatalism and is erroneous according to the Bible. It is not to be taught nor preached in this church in any form.


Concerning Ecumenicalism

We believe that being ecumenical is anti-scriptural and is not to be promoted nor practiced at any time by this church.